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Friday, October 19, 2018

Understanding Affiliate Programs for Musicians - Video Article

                              Understanding Affiliate Programs for Musicians  Video Article

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Commercial Deep House Bundle

Commercial Deep House Bundle: Commercial Deep House Mastery 'Commercial Deep House Bundle' from Function Loops delivers over 500 production tools for melodic Deep House producers, including the full range: Loops, One-Shots, MIDI files and Presets for NI Massive, Sylenth1 & Spire VSTis. You'll get maximum flexibility while working on your next Deep House hit.
The bundle comes with everything: Drums, Basslines, Melodies, FX Loops, Vocals etc. Get the bundle deal and save 65%! Product Includes:  525 Files in Total Key & BPM Labelled 100% Royalty-Free Absolute Deep House: 6 Construction Kits (Key & BPM Labelled) 56 One-Shots (Kicks, Claps, Hats & Rides) 63 Melody Loops and more

Thursday, October 18, 2018

8 Mile (Sample Pack) Construction Kit

Visit 8 Mile (Sample Pack): for details.
Take It Back to 8 Mile '8 Mile' is a Sample Pack/Construction Kit by Magnetic Music consisting of 5 unique compositions broken down into 83 separate Tracks for instant beat inspiration.As well as the beat compositions delivered in high-quality WAV format you will also receive One-Shot Hits, SFX, MIDI Files and 9 Bonus Presets.

Don't miss out on this amazing collection perfect for Hip Hop, West Coast & Trap compositions.  Product Includes:  5 Construction Kits 83 Tracks 24-Bit WAV Format 21 One-Shot Hits 51 MIDI Files 6 SFX Samples 9 Presets (Omnisphere/Icarus/Hive/Ultra Analog) 100% Royalty-Free 548 MB Download File Size (Zipped) 782 MB.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Clear View 2 construction kit

Visit Clear View 2: for more details and sound demo.
Post Malone Type Kits 'Clear View 2' from Regal Loops is a new product characterized by soft sounding and calm melodies. It's inspired by top artists such as Post Malone, Wizard or Sillins Beats. Drum loops have been exported in both ways - all mixed together and separated. Everything you hear is 100% royalty-free. Get instant inspiration for your beats today!

Product Includes: 5 Construction Kits 5 Fully Mixed & Mastered Mini-Mixes 5 MIDI Files 170 Loops & Samples Drums in Mixed & Separated Loops 24-Bit WAV Format Loops & One-Shots Keyy/Tempo labelled 668 MB Download File Size (Zipped) 858 MB of Content (Unipped) .

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Recording and Producing in the Home Studio

Recording and Producing in the Home Studio Recording and Producing in the Home Studio
(A Complete Guide). Berklee Methods. Softcover. 248 pages. Berklee Press #0876390483. Published by Berklee Press

Recording and Producing in the Home Studio

Monday, October 15, 2018

Progressive House Sessions

Visit Progressive House Sessions: for full details.

The Future Is Now 'Progressive House Sessions' by Audentity Records is perfect if you are looking for some fresh Progressive House inspiration! Bringing you 7 full Construction Kits, along with MIDI Files for instant melodic injection. This Sample Pack is filled with the freshest Progressive House sounds which are hugely popular in the online charts right now. So don't delay, listen to the demo and get signed to your favorite labels with these sounds! Product Includes: 7 Full Construction Kits  272 Total Files 245 Stem Files 27 MIDI Files All Kits 128 BPM  Keys of FMaj, Dmin, Amin, A#Min, Emin and more.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

New Wave Construction Kit

Visit New Wave Construction Kit: for more details and sound demo
 Wavy Sounds 'New Wave Construction kit' by Platinum Circle Loops brings to you a very unique Hip Hop, Trap and wavy Trap Soul blend of sounds. Created by platinum producer Lazy Rida who offers up his best sounds.
 Included in this kit are Melodies, FX, Sounds and Riffs that can help you create your next hit. If you are looking for something hard-hitting with that new wave of sounds, look no further! Jam packed with live instrumentation mixed with digital synths and custom drums - this is the product you've been looking for.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Skyfall Hip Hop Loops

Visit Skyfall: for full details and sound demo.

Moody Hip Hop and Trap Loops & One-Shots From the mind of KYNG Media of Black Octopus comes a fine collection of beats diving full into the moody and atmospheric realm of Hip Hop and Trap. As with all these packs, each kit is broken down into WAV Loops, One-Shots, and MIDI Files so as much customization as you like can be made.
Swap out your own sounds using the MIDI or create entirely new loops with the one shots provided.
The MIDI included also allows you transpose the track to a different key and change around melodies.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Top 10 Ways To Make Money Selling Beats Online - Video

Check out this YouTube video. I found the advice to be very helpful in understanding  how to monetize your music and beats

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7 Myths About Songwriting - Video Article

                                            7 Myths About Songwriting  -  Video Article

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